How do I make my project a success?

The number one requirement in order for your project to be a success is communicating clear instructions and goals from the beginning. Your consultant needs to know what you expect for them to accomplish during the term of your engagement. You will need to have sufficient time to provide instructions, respond to questions and review work product.

Who owns the legal rights to work product developed by a consultant engaged through Consulting Warehouse?

Our terms of service state that all ownership of all works completed by consultants during their allocated hours transfers to you, the client, as long as full payment has been made for the designated working period.

How can I ensure my IP is safe?

All consultants are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement before work commences to ensure all information that is disclosed remains protected.  Project managers and the entire Consulting Warehouse team take your intellectual property seriously and take extensive measures to implement secure systems that keep your information protected.

How does Consulting Warehouse ensure consultants are the right fit?

All consultants are carefully vetted through an extensive 21-step process to ensure they are highly skilled, organized and can communicate effectively. When you hire one of our consultants, it is our reputation that is on the line and we take that very seriously. Our team works tirelessly to recruit and retain consultants who are in the top tier of experts for their respective specialty. 

Where are your consultants located?

Following the trend of major technology companies like Google and Facebook, Consulting Warehouse leverages a proven hierarchy that combines experienced United States project managers with talented consultants operating from cost effective international locations. This powerful combination allows you to communicate and plan strategies with a local project manager while taking advantage of highly skilled consultants delivering more value for your investment.

Do I need to sign a long-term contract when hiring a consultant?

No. Consulting Warehouse does not require any long-term requirement. You can cancel your consulting engagement at any time by giving a 14-day notice.

How do I know my consultants are working the appropriate hours?

You view detailed records of a consultant’s hourly, daily, weekly and monthly work history. This includes a thorough summary of how time was spent. Our project managers closely monitor activity to ensure that consultants remain focused on your work throughout the engagement.

How do I hire a consultant?

Consulting Warehouse makes hiring a consultant just a click away. Simply visit our website to browse available consulting specialties, select an appropriate weekly commitment (10 hours / 20 hours / 40 hours) and complete the checkout process. 

How do I communicate with my consultant?

You may communicate directly with your consultant, or through the free project manager assigned to your account. In most cases, clients prefer to work through the project manager in order to achieve manage consultants most effectively.

What type of work can I assign to my consultant?

You can assign any type of work you deem suited to the consultants particular specialty. If you assign a task that is outside of a consultants knowledge base, they will advise you accordingly and an alternative consultant can be assigned if you choose.

How often will I be charged?

All engagements on Consulting Warehouse are monthly and renew automatically. You will be charged in advance each month on the first day before the consulting period begins. 

Can I hire multiple consultants?

You can hire as many consultants as deemed necessary for your projects and workload. Most of our clients hire multiple consultants in order to build a team with expertise across specialties. 

What payment methods do you accept?

Credit card or bank wire transfer.  Credit card payments may be subject to a 3% convenience charge.